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Welcome... Caroline Sharkey : Fibre Art
Embellishing the Surface is my way of creating textures that are interesting & change the way You, as the viewer, look at fabric. Stitching into the surface gives me a changing palette & adding colours brings the artwork to life.

I use fabric, textiles and threads as my medium instead of paper and paint.. and I use a sewing machine instead of a brush. The texture, colour and prints of fabrics thrown together with threads often give me the inspiration for my designs.

My approach is to let the fabrics and textures determine my next step because the organic nature of fabric often reveals surprises that give me unexpected changes of direction and exciting results.

For the main theme of an artwork I plan, sketch and draw out a design and make patterns for the shapes that will then be stitched, shaded and thread painted to bring them to life. Most of my designs are influenced by my love of the Australian Landscape, the unique Animals, Flora and Reef Fish.

I am driven by colour & strive to find that special combination that has the WOW! Factor.

Teaching for many groups and communities all over Australia and New Zealand the many surface design techniques that I use in my artwork has become a favourite part of my time. Inspiring students to play outside the lines and relax the rules is so exciting to me when I see the satisfaction in their work and on their faces.

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